2. A test for our film about the Shot Tower for The Promise project.

  3. A letterpress about ambition

  4. A list of things I want to / might do this year.


  5. You can see my photos from my time in Tanzania here

    This is a local “Graphic Design studio” !!

  6. Here is my final infographic. I decided to show my first trip to Tanzania in 2012. Maybe I should do another infographic after my next trip!

  7. This is a blog of stuff i really like 

  8. Mark, Commemorate, Remember.

    Our Swiss style posters designed for the World War One Centenary.

  9. Our monograms and a fire extinguisher

  10. "Well gloucester road is jut a bit shit, that’s why half the people like it."

    - stranger

  11. A day of screenprinting

  12. I now have a website that (almost) works! 

  13. Monogram for my dad. Charles Nigel Johnson. 

  14. TAPE TYPE quick experiment from the D&AD workshop.

  15. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

    3D TYPE